Simply Orange

Hello......I haven't posted in a while. For two reasons: I don't want to post bad pictures any longer. Inside pictures don't come out well for me and 2. I've been having a bad hair month. My hair by itself is so unmanageable and doesn't style well because I really don't have time to go to the hair salon. Black hair as far as I'm concerned is hard to manage. Hence, the "fake" hair I have on in this picture.

Top - Old Navy, Skirt - Target, Sandals - Avon (see current styles here), Bracelets - Avon

At least someone missed my posts. Here is for you Typahine. Check out Typhanie of Garments of Praise. You will love her style.


  1. stopping by from Chic Blog Network...following along via google friend.
    ADORE those sandals...been hearing great things about the avon collections....
    Happy 4th!

  2. Nice to see you back in the swing of things! You look beautiful :)

  3. The "fake" hair looks great!

  4. i love that skirt!!!! totally gorgeous!

  5. Enjoy your posts! I am an "inverted triangle", too and I find it challenging. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. You should check out You will learn tips to help you achieve healthy hair that you will fall in love with. I've been on the site for a few years and my hair and my daughter's hair have benefitted greatly. My daughter is natural and her hair is now down her back. Trust me when I say our hair is just regular everyday black people hair, nothing special. I've just learned what products work for us and how to care for our hair. Good luck!