The Versatile Mustard Cardigan

This famous mustard cardigan is more versatile than I thought. It goes with everything. Pair with Navy Blue, Cobalt, Gray, Black and White, Cream, Olive and here, Burgundy/Wine......If you're thinking of getting a nice colored cardi, mustard is the way to go but it is hard to find. I got this one from Target last year.

On a shopping trip to The Limited months ago, I had on my mustard cardigan and it seemed to go with everything I tried on that day.

The pants in the middle never made it into my closet because at that time I still wasn't sure about colored pants.


  1. I love mustard! I have that cardigan you are wearing, and I even have mustard shoes that are pretty versatile as well.

    Those of you who are looking for a mustard cardigan, try Target or Forever 21.

  2. Also try Canvas Land's End but it's bit pricey. I really like the quality.

    You look great in colored pants.