My Style Makeover: How to Dress Slimmer without Shapewear

Welcome to an edition of "What not to Wear". I'm putting my self out there by doing this post. Y'all know my style posts focus on how I dress my apple shaped body. This was me 6 years ago with hubby and son at Disney. Yep, looks like I didn't care what I looked like then. Big tummy and all. I was shocked when I saw this picture of me a few months ago. Did I really look like that? Well not anymore. I decided a few years back I wanted to dress better and started paying attention to what I wore and how to dress better. Not necessarily more clothes (although now I love shopping) but how to make the right decisions selecting the outfit that fits my body type. That is what you will see through out my blog. So this was then.... 

And this is now (last summer)....wearing a similar outfit for comparison purposes.

concealing a big tummy, How to dress slimmer without shapewaer

I don't think I've lost that much weight since then but these are the changes I've made to look a little better.

1. Better bra. I was wearing a bigger bra than my normal size. Also, I'm now anal about adjusting bra straps and camisole straps. I don't believe I never knew I could adjust my bra straps. Adjust your bra straps for a better lift. Especially if you are busty like I am. I also wear minimizer bras like this one
2. More fitted T-shirt and one made from a better fabric. Thicker materials that don't stretch out work better. I'm also liking the marled type fabric on t-shirts.
3. Camisole- I hardly wear anything without a cami that is a size or two sizes smaller.
4. Underwear - I avoid low rise underwaer. I wear underwear that covers my belly. Doesn't have to be shape wear underwear but any underwear that comes to your navel works. Victoria Secrets is one my favorite for underwear....not the skimpy ones.

How do you dress your shape?

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  1. You look amazing! Just goes to show how important learning how to dress your shape is. You go girl, rock it!!


  2. I signed up thru your blog for your avon page but the rafflecoptor would not work for me to sign up. It could be just me not knowing what to do but I tried several times.

  3. Wow, you really have transformed! The little changes you have made make a huge difference!

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  4. Great ideas! I agree about the bra straps and wearing a cami - I do the same things! Thanks! susan

  5. You definitely look better in the second picture. I think your standing taller and your posture is better in the second picture. Congrats on the weight loss.

  6. Its amazing how much one can improve for their without losing weight. Great tips

  7. Huge transformation!!
    It's crazy seeing fellow fashion bloggers share their ideas.
    Lovely girl!!