Dressing for My Shape

This is a style post. I mentioned that this blog will also document my style adventures as I wear outfits that flatter my inverted triangle body shape (heavy on top with no hips/curves). See my post here on style tips if you are heavy on top. I have to do something extra to make what I wear look flattering. So here goes

I'm wearing: Anne Klein Top via Macy's, Belt from Target, Pants from NY and Co Very old but I love these pants because they define my small hips and I never have to iron them. Ballet flats from Old Navy. They are the most comfortable flats I have. More comfortable than other pricy ones.I bought another pair just in case. I'm also wearing my Avon bali smoothing cami, the top disguises my heavy top area and the belt cinches my big waist a little. How do you wear your outfits to conceal problem areas?


  1. I really love that printed blouse and of course I love to belt everything!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Nice! You are right, we do do similar style posts. I want ladies to know that no matter what their figure they can still dress flatteringly!!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  3. Great top and the belt really gives you a good shape : )