Keep Sowing

I received a call today from a potential recruit who found my recruiting flier at a store. Now this is the first person that has called me because of this flier. I have put out about a hundred of these fliers. Many give up after giving out ten fliers and they get no calls. My message to you is don't give up. This one recruit might mean 10 more because of her referrals. I've done events where I got only one customer and that one customer has translated into repeat business and other customers. When you plant seeds not all germinate and the one or two that do will yield a lot of fruit. You don't know which one will germinate and when it will but keep sowing. Give out the business cards, the brochures, and make those calls. You never know which one response will give you the big break you need. Don't be weary in well doing (Doing what you know you ought to do) for at the proper time you will reap a harvest IF YOU FAINT NOT (if you do not give up, get tired). Galatians 6:9 Don't get tired.

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