Get Back up Again

I had been feeling so tired for the past few weeks and just down for no real reason at all. Just as with the seasons, we go through phases and seasons in life. It's okay to be down and tired --I think it's a way of our bodies telling us to slow down (as in the case of physical tiredness) and our minds telling us to regroup and refresh. I was going to bed early, not doing much with anything except going to work and doing my normal duties. Even my kitchen floor and my face suffered the brunt of my tiredness. I wasn't washing my makeup off at night - a beauty no no! I was here but not really here. But I refused to stay down. Today I mopped my kitchen floor and I'm springing back into action. I need to start washing my face again at night lest I start aging :). Isn't that what they say....For everyday you don't wash your face at night you age how many years?? Well I don't mind that though because I look too young for my age.
If you're going through stuff or feel down for any reason, know that it's just for a season and there is an end and then a new beginning. Weeping may endure for a night but Joy Comes in the Morning.....just be sure to recognize when morning comes and GET UP!  This too shall Pass ;) There's too much at stake when you stay down too long. Here's one of them...Introducing my daughter.

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  1. Great post, and I think it really captures those moments when you are just not yourself.