Power Color

I'm wearing my favorite color - green. I think this is my power color, you know the color that looks good on you and makes you stand out in some way.  It's also the color that I'm always drawn to. Have you found your power color? And I think I have found my best fitting pants. I've had these pants for many years but until recently, I never paid attention to making sure my pants fit properly. I wish Isaac Mizrahi still made clothes for Target. And Speaking of Target; I went to Target on Friday and didn't go through the clothes section first. Yeah me! I get some of my groceries at Target but I usually go to see what is on sale in the clothes section first and end up spending more than I need to...but this time I didn't give in to that urge. Anyone else guilty of this?

Top - Old Navy, Pants- Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Shoes - Target, Necklace and Earrings - Avon


  1. Love the color combo and fits you just right, you have a great blog, keep it up! First time here...

  2. i love that shade of green, suits your skin tone