Dressing Slimmer with Diagonal Stripes

If you're struggling to lose weight like I am, you can fake it till you make it with some outfits. Since I started blogging, I've been experimenting with ways to dress slimmer. If you love stripes, diagonal stripes are a good bet. They give a slimming illusion.

Top - Really Old,  Jeans - Old Navy, Boots - Nine West
An Older Photo. The stripes here conceals my heavy top and big mid section. The Jacket adds an extra slimming effect.
Jacket - H&M, Tank Top - Old Navy, Cropped Pants - Old Navy
 What do you do to fake it till you make it as far as dressing slimmer?


  1. amazing idee!! Can i to post your outfits in my blog w/ link of course???Pleeease!!!!
    check me in fashionayre.blogspot.com - i'm a woman brazilian and i lost weight and i'm so happy because i'm almost slim in this moment!!!!!

  2. I find that a good bra helps to make you look slimmer. :)

  3. I always go with a tunic and skinny jeans! Love your boots:)

  4. Love the first look. That top and those boots are amazing! I found the same on this site Stylephotos