Pink and Red

...well not so much. I wanted to take part in Friday's Fancies Pink and Red challenge of the week. This is as far as I can go wearing both colors together. Pink and red is a color combo I'm not bold enough to wear in full force.
I love how these jeans play up my hips a little and fits my waist at the same time, and I know I should have worn heeled boots because of the length; but the parking lot at a certain place I go to everyday is a skating rink right now. Safety first!

Looking at these photos makes me realize how much younger I look than my age. It's time to get another weave.

Sweater - Old Navy (Plus size)(Similar), Tank Top - Avon (Mark)
Jeans - The Limited (slim cut version) Boots - Nine West


  1. You do look young and fresh!
    I agree that safety is more important than looking perfect....casts don't look chic on's to your safety.
    Love the trouser jeans; there're really flattering on you.

  2. Cute!

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  3. nice striped top xxx

  4. I love the pink and red combo on you, and those pants fit you perfectly!

  5. Very nice combination of pink and red!

  6. You look absolutely amazing in this outfit! I'm loving the color scheme so much!
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