Five Uses and Benefits of Lip Liner

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I used lipstick for many years long before I was introduced to this beauty product called a lip liner by my sister in law. I had been slapping on the lipstick and not liking the way it looked on me. I ended up staying away from wearing lipstick, especially brighter colors. Once I started using lip liners, I came to fully embrace wearing lipstick. Here's why you need lip liner, in case you don't use it (you don't know what you're missing) or not sure how to use it. 

1. The main reason for using a lip liner is to define the lips. When you wear lipstick or lip gloss, a defined lips look much better and more appealing.
2. Line your lips with a lip liner to prevent your lipstick from bleeding out of the lip area. 
3. Line your lips with a liner to change the appearance and size of your lips. Line inside your natural lip line to make them look smaller and if you have big lips, line a little outside of your natural lip area. This is my main reason for using a lip liner all the time. I use it to minimize my big lips.
Bonus: Wear a lighter lip color to make lips look bigger and a darker color to make them look smaller. 
4. A lip liner can also be used to fill in the lip area prior to applying lipstick. This makes your lipstick or gloss last longer as it helps it adhere to your lips. To do this, fill in the entire lip area lightly prior to lining the lips
5. I use a lip liner as a substitute for lipstick or a lip gloss. Line your lips, fill in the lip area (optional) and apply clear lipgloss or vaseline.

Bonus Tips
  • You do not have to be scared to use a lip liner. The trick is proper blending after you have applied your liner and lipstick (or lip gloss) to make the line "invisible". A perfectly lined lip should not show traces of the lip liner.
  • Use a color slightly darker than the color of the lipstick you will be wearing. 
  • Can't find the perfect shade? Mix two different color lip liners to get the perfect shade. 
  • Need a darker shade? Venture into the eyeliner shades. My everyday lip liner is actually the cosmic brown shade in the Avon eyeliner line. I've always had a hard time finding a dark lip liner shade to match my skin tone.
Tell me, do you use lip liner? Can't do without it? never tried it? Please contact me if you would love more tips on using this essential beauty product.



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