Summer Suit and my 9 to 5

We had an event at my job this week and we were told to be in business casual attire. I took it up a notch by making it a business attire. I swapped the jacket that came with the suit with a short sleeved one. 

I'm joining the #9to5 Total Social link up with Helene in Between this month to share my day job with you. It's amazing how we call it "day" job and not just " job". Many women today are juggling their real jobs with more creative and fulfilling endeavors. Not to talk of motherhood and everything else. So, I work as a project engineer / manager during the day and I blog, sell Avon and a soon to be consulting business in-between and at night. At my day  job, I manage multiple testing projects that come through the door. 
I carry this big bag because I take my business everywhere with me....planner, books, notebooks, Avon brochures, phone, iPad and so on...I'm hoping my side hustle becomes my main hustle soon.

What's your 9 to 5 or "day job"? Because I know you do something on the side too.
Click here to see a post I did on running a successful side hustle. 

Pants that fit, pant suit,
business bag, franklin covey tote
Peep toe pumps

Jacket - AGB via Macy's / Similar / Similar
Pants - Target (really old) / Option / Similar
Peep toe pumps - Madden Girl / Similar / Similar / Similar / Similar
Tote - FranklinCoveyBusiness Lucca iPad Tote (Blue)

Link ups: 9 to 5 Social, Fashion Friday, Style Elixir



  1. I love black pant suits. They automatically make you look like you know what you're talking about.

    1. Ya know? I hadn't worn a suit in a while and when I wore this I did feel that way. I might get more just because of that :)

  2. Classy outfit Kemi, you rock it well. The world is so competitive now, you can't just do 9 - 5 :), not that I am complaining. lol.

  3. I love the short sleeved jacket for summer. They are perfect for those days in which I need to dress it up a bit. I'm Product Support Manager by day, a food blogger & webpage designer by night.