From Winter to Summer- Good Old New England Weather

Here's my first Style Post

I never got to really wear the two new spring jackets I bought this year because New England weather always does this every year. The last time I checked it was so cold and rainy; now summer seems to be here in full force.  But I'm not complaining. Here's me in my summer dress. My daughter actually asked me why I was wearing a summer dress today....It's still spring. "Not with this weather". In New England we dress according to weather and not the season.
Dress- Kohls, Cropped Sweater- Target, Necklace - Gift

I was going to wear a black sweater, my normal go to but I wanted to look more colorful. Don't be afraid to steer away from black. We tend to add a black sweater, black shoes or a black blazer to whatever we're wearing but wearing something more colorful makes the outfit more interseting.


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