A Lesson in Momentum

A lesson in Momentum

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity(speed). Remember your Physics? It’s the force that keeps you going. We need momentum in every area of our lives..Marriage, business, work, and relationships in order to make it. These are life areas common to a lot of us and we need to shine in all these areas if not what's the point? Another law in physics- everything at rest will not move unless a force is applied to it. So your life will not move if you don’t do something. Now mass and velocity produces the momentum you need. The mass portion, I would relate to knowledge, what you know about your business for instance. The more you know, the more action you take. The word of God says faith comes by hearing….the word. So do you know anything about your work, business, your relationships? Are you reading up, and taking time to learn?. I’ve studied a lot of people who are good at what they do and one thing I have seen is that they read and study the applicable subject areas related to what they’re doing. But knowledge is not enough; you have to run with that knowledge. Another bible quote- “faith without works is dead”. What you know and what you believe yields no result if you don’t take action.  So start building momentum today by knowing and doing- fast and consistently. Doing something once in a while will not yield any good results either. Be consistent with your actions. Is your relationship failing? Is your business slowing down? Build up some momentum.


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