Avoid Summer Meltdown

It's officially summer and the hot weather means sun damage, bugs, oily faces and sweaty bodies. Here are some tips to keep your cool this summer

Face. Your face may tend to be more oily in the hotter weather so I recommend cleansing twice a day (which you should be doing anyway) and switching to a lotion based day cream. I still use a day cream, but just a little. Make sure your day cream has at least SPF 15 in it since you will be out more. Prior to applying your day lotion, use a toner or Avon's ANEW Retexturizing peel wipes. These wipes contain glycolic acid and helps keep the oil at bay. Also helps reduce dark spots and keeps your face looking smooth. I also like Clinique toners.

Anew Advanced Retuxturizing Peel
Makeup. Avoid make up melt down by using a cream to powder foundation or mineral foundation. Keep a pressed powder on you for touch ups through out the day.

Smooth Minerals Pressed Foundation
The Smooth Minerals Pressed Foundation is easy to apply without the mess and feels feather light while providing good coverage
To avoid sweat overload, apply deodorant as you normally do. Don't forget to apply it on the entire armpit. You can also add powder to your chest and back and anywhere that is sweat prone. Avon's scented powders work well.
These deodorants are just 99 Cents and you can stash them at home for yourself and guests. They are also great for sensitive skin and can be used right after shaving.

Don't forget to load up on suncreen. Toss the sunscreen from last year and get a new one. They last only a year. Apply on your body if you will be outside for long periods of time.

And to keep bugs at bay try Avon's Skin So Soft Insect repellents. They also double up as sunscreen and are safe for kids because they are DEET free.

Have a happy Summer!


  1. No matter what the weather, my face is always super oily. I've tried magix and marks mattenificient, but they never work for long.

    And my mom is my rep!

  2. Lydiegal, maybe you should try everything together. Cleansing with the right cleanser for oily skin plus toner for oily skin/anew peel (every other day) plus day lotion for oily skin(from the mark line I think is best) or the Avon clears in professional line