To Each Her Own Obsession

I was complaining about my sister who did her nails every two weeks and I remembered that I buy shoes too often.
How often do you we look at others and complain about what they’re doing when we are also doing the same thing (at least not in our own eyes but in God's eyes). One person might like something and just because you don’t doesn’t mean they are doing the wrong thing. Same goes with the way the other person does their thing. Just because the other person does not run her family the way you do, or praise God or pray to God the way you do doesn’t mean they’re not doing it right. Now there is a real line between doing it wrong or right but until that line is clearly drawn, you need to mind your own business. There are some things others do that make you cringe. What about the things you do that makes them wrench their fists. 

So in the case of the nail polish and shoes, to each woman her own obsession (Yes there's a point where it becomes too much).
I collect shoes.... you do your nails every two weeks- let’s stop complaining but admire each other instead. I think what the other person does or spends her money on is what makes them unique and different. Just because I can't pull off wearing red lipstick doesn't mean I should complain about the sistah who wears it (if it looks good on her).

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  1. So true! We are always first to forget about our own issues! I do it all the time. buahahaha.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style