Outfit Inspiration-Linen Pants

Fot the longest time I would just go shopping and purchase anything I like without thinking of how I would style it or if it would fit and flatter my body. I started looking for inspiration on the internet to style my outfits because they were just sitting in the closet and I had no clue how to style them. Thanks to the many style blogs I found and I'm now obsessed with, the clothes in my closet are now getting worn. Hence, the style section of this blog. I copied Olivia P to style these Linen Pants from Macy's. Next time though, I think a more fitted top will go better with the pants to balance me out better.

Top - Inc via Macys, Pants- Macy's, Bracelt - F21, Clutch - Nine West, Shoes-Aldo

Where do you get your daily outfit inspiration? I get my inspiration mostly from from blogs, In style, Mrs O and the Limited


  1. You look wonderful! You did a great job with the inspiration photo and the pants fit you like a dream :)

  2. You look beautiful!! I don't think you need a more fitted top--I think you look wonderfully balanced already. :) I get my inspiration from blogs, InStyle, and People Style Watch.

  3. Elegant. I think the top is just fine. Hmm..never thought about what inspires my wardrobe...I think I'm inspired by what I observe on TV and friends. Still have a lot to learn..I'm too conservative. Lol.

  4. blogs are such a great resource for style inspiration - and i love those pants - glad you are finding ways to wear them and not letting them get lost in the closet!

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