Eye Cream Anyone?

Just thought I'd do a mini beauty post on eye care and the use of eye cream. Eye cream is one product a lot of people don't use because some just don't see the need. Here are some benefits of using eye cream:
1. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
2. Reduces undereye shadows
3. Lifts droopy lids
4. Reduces Crow feet
5. Reduces Bags
6. Prevents all of the above
If you have any of the above problems or want to prevent them all, using eyecream on a daily basis will help.
How to apply:
After washing your face (I believe you wash your face every morning and at night with a facial cleanser), apply eye cream to under eye area and on eyelids with your ring finger. Rub in gently. Then apply your other products.

I'm not going to end this post without telling you that AVON sells all kinds of eye creams to meet different needs and at different price points. See here for some choices.
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  1. i never use eyecream.Will give it a try

  2. Many people are still unsure if eye creams must be really included in their day to day regimen. There are instances when they simply assume that facial moisturizer is already enough for doing the job. However, based on eye cream reviews, it is important for you to know that the area surrounding your eyes is more sensitive than the other parts of your face. This only means that this part has more chances of showing wrinkle, the primary reason why it is essential to look for specific products that are especially formulated for targeting this area. Facial moisturizers are not enough for targeting the area of your eyes while keeping it supple, soft and free from wrinkles.