Sharpen Your Skills

The other day I went online to search for how to cook Nigerian stew. I've been cooking this for years and I don't think I do a bad job but I've tasted better so I searched online to see how I could make better stews. I stumbled upon a blog featuring Nigerian dishes. So I tried one of the recipes...I think it turned out great. I use a cookbook or an online recipe almost everyday when cooking just so I can serve my family something different (I don't love cooking by the way). It may seem weird to others when they see you learning how to do something you've always done before but that's the secret to success.  If you find someone really good at something, it's most likely they spend everday time sharpening their skills.

In my church, the way some of our praise songs go is to sing many songs together in one stretch. This is something I'm still not very good at. There's one particular guy in the choir who does it effortlessly. I thought he had the gift so that's why he does it so well. But one day I saw him writing down a list of songs from an archive he had created.... That's the secret. So now I have an archive of songs in my Blackberry.

So the lesson here is that you need to sharpen your skills even though you've been using that talent or being at that job or marriage for years. A few years ago, I started going online to see how to really wear my clothes- yes I've been wearing clothes all my life but I asked myself if there was a better way. That's how I stumbled upon fashion blogs and hopefully I'm learning how to be better dressed. So there's room for improvement and a better way to do anything you're doing right now. Your business, your blog, your singing ability, motherhood, marriage....everything. I still have a lot to improve on so I'm learning everyday. If you're blogger in the Boston area, you may want to sign up for the upcoming Blog Better conference taking place in March. See the Ad on my side bar.

In what ways do you need to improve yourself?


  1. its always good to sharpen our skils, especially in fashion and cooking (thats for me)

    Fashion Rehab

  2. Great post, Kemi! Sharpening my "going to the gym" skills would be an area where I need to improve.