Floral Skirt Remix

I'm taking on another challenge and linking up at  Marionberry's Style for a pattern mixing challenge. I would never have thought of mixing prints but I thought I'd try.

Top - Mark (Avon), Skirt - Old Navy, Belt - Macy's
This skirt can be paired with a lot of colors; blue, yellow, brown, white, beige and black. In my pre blogging days, I would have paired this skirt with only black. Now I'm paring it with something even more daring; another printed item. This is what makes a wardrobe so versartile.

And take two: With Gingham. Who would have thought?

Top - Old Navy


  1. Good for you! You did a great job remixing the skirt with both tops. Florals and stripes are always a winner for pattern mixing.

  2. Cute looks! I like the pattern mixing. The first look is my favorite! :)