Colored Pants

So I finally own a pair of colored pants that's not Navy or white. I'm slowly easing into the trend. Printed pants next?
I like these ones because they fit and give definition to my non existent hips. You can find your Specific pant fit from the Mossimo line at Target based on your Body type. I am Fit 3. The pants are also mid rise- perfect for my mid section. I tried a similar pair at Gap that didn't work out so well.

Blazer - Old Navy, Top - Mark (Avon), Pants - Target, Shoes - Macy's

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  1. Welcome into the world of color I love color pants or color anything - you did great with putting with a navy really stands out that way. great job.

  2. Love the pants!


  3. I am really digging Target's pants lately. I love the Fit thing and the sizing is consistent!

    This color is beautiful on you :)

  4. Loving these colored pants on you! It is a fun trend to play with. Love these with the striped top.

  5. I love your style and that you include pieces that won't break the bank! Keep up the great work.