Got Wrinkles and Smile Lines?

Clinical Pro Line Eraser is formulated with the anti-aging molecule A-F33-an exclusive technology that's not even available in a dermatologist's office yet! Inspired by years of research, Clinical Pro Line Eraser was developed by the same leaders in topical anti-aging treatments that created AHA's created 20 years ago.
The patented A-F33 works-unlike some other leading anti-aging ingredients-to deactivate collagen blocking and help effectively spark collagen production in just 72 hours.

* Deep wrinkles begin to fade in just 1 week and 100% of women showed improvement in fine wrinkles!

Offered exclusively through Avon, Clinical Pro Line Eraser offers a new approach to anti-aging, and has the potential to be the crown jewel of our ANEW line of products.

How to Use
1. Cleanse with your normal facial cleanser
2. Apply your facial toner, if applicable
3. Apply Clinical Pro Eraser all over face avoiding under eye area (use eye cream for under eye area and lids)
4. Apply your Day moisturizer (for Morning) or Night Moisturizer.

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