Dressed up Khakis

I was freezing for two days earlier this week so I decided I needed to go back to wearing my pants and a sweater. I was about to put my sweaters away but this weather has been unpredictable.
Khakis are the the engineer's uniform...worn with a polo. That is how I styled my Khakis back in the day but today, I'm dressing them up a little with leopard heels and pearls, and layered. I also like the way blue looks with the khaki color.
I've worn this sweater three times already in the past few weeks. I just love pairing navy with everything.

Sweater - Forever 21 ($10) (Love this), Khaki Pants - Gap, Leopard Pumps - Target ($9 in store), (Similar), Button Down - Sears ($15), Necklace - Avon - Old ($10) (similar)


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    1. Yep got them for $9 in the store. I got them as my during the week leopard pumps. Don't know why they always slash the prices in the store

  2. I agree I love pairing navy with everything, hope you get more sun soon! you look great, as always

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    1. Thanks! Yes hopefully by June I can put the sweaters away ;)

  3. This is pretty. I love navy too; there are so many great options. I like that its a dark neutral that still passes for a summer color.

  4. You look great, so professional + feminine ;)
    I actually purchased those pumps online but had to return them. I couldn't believe my regular size fit me small :( I also mistakenly order those with patent heel + platform when I wanted another pair that has a shorter heel and no platform.

    I have yet to purchase a leopard accessory (and it has been strong for more than one season.. although, my husband dislikes it, so that might also be a factor :p)

  5. Navy is one of my favorite work colors. I love how you added some flair to the outfit with leopard shoes. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you back this Thursday for Look What I Got.
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  6. Khakis are my goto! I love the color scheme. You look great!