Pink and Giveaway Winners Announced

Hope you had a nice Memorial day. This weekend was all about hair so not much fun for me. I took out my braids and my daughter's braids. Spent hours braiding hers again and I spent a few hours at the salon relaxing mine over the span of the weekend. God wasn't joking when he said the hair is the glory of the woman. Anytime you don't see any posts from me, it's because of hair issues.
I was also in Indiana and Atlanta last week. I didn't tell you that. I usually like to return from my trips before mentioning it to anyone. The highlight of my Indiana trip was spending $57 for dinner at Mo's. Not by choice.  I went out with colleagues because I didn't want to be anti social. Half of that amount would have gotten me a nice pair of shoes. 

Top - Old Navy, Jeans - JeanStar, Necklace - Forever 21, Shoes - Macy's

The winners of the giveaways have been chosen

Avon Clearskin Set Giveaway Winner: #2 Kelsey (chosen via

$25 Old Navy or TJ Maxx and $25 Avon credit and Scarf winner: Laura
$25 Avon Credit Winner: Chelsea

I will try to contact you soon. Thanks for entering!