How to Use and Care for Makeup Brushes

You gotta use the right tools for the job right? Here are tips on how to use and care for your make up brushes. If you don't use or have any, you could win the set shown or purchase here. Owning these five basic brushes will make your makeup application easier and help you achieve the perfect, flawless look.

How to use, what to use

1. Powder Brush - Use this to apply face powder, loose or compact. The brush helps spread the powder evenly and lightly over the entire face. You can also limit your application of powder to your forehead, cheeks and chin. By the way, powder helps control oil and set your makeup.

2. Blush / Bronzer Brush- Ditch the tiny brush that comes with your blush and use this instead to apply blush on your cheek bones. It helps provide more coverage and precise application. This brush can also be used to apply bronzer.

3. Eyeshadow Brush - Again, the little eyeshadow sponge that comes with your eyeshadow will not provide enough coverage and blendability you need. The eyeshadow brush helps prevent tugging of your eyelids and aids blending the shadow in so that no streaks or lines appear.

4. Concealer Brush - This is used to apply concealer under the eyes and on dark spots on the face. The brush is made of firm nylon bristles for flawless coverage. Use the specially-designed flat side for overall even blending, and the tapered point for precise spot application.

5. Eyeliner brush - This is used to apply eyeshadow on your lash line if you prefer not to use a pencil eyeliner. The eyeliner brush is also used to blend in your pencil eyeliner to give a smudged smoky eye effect. This brush can also be used for on the eyebrows.

Brush Care

Your make up brush can be a breeding ground for bacteria so they need to be washed regularly. You also need to wash your brushes for them to work well and so that product can go on your skin smoothly.
I care for my brushes in the simplest way. Fill a little container with handsoap, then with water and swish your brushes in the soap water. Do this a few times till no more residue is evident. Rinse by swishing in water and lay flat to dry for 24 hours on a paper towel.

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