Olive Cropped Khakis

Did I mention how much I love these Old Navy Boy Friend Khakis? I wore the navy ones here. This is my fifth pair of cropped pants from Old Navy. I think they made their cropped pants for me; they fit! They have the perfect stretch and fit over my belly and are not too big for my skinny thighs. I usually have to take in all my pants in the thigh area.
This is an outfit for the last warm days of fall. I wish the warm weather could stay a little bit longer. I'm too lazy to bring my winter clothes and shoes out again.
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Old navy Skinny cropped pants, Olive, Toms Women's ClassicNavy Blue
Old Navy Boyfriend Skinny Khakis, How to Wear

Gap Striped tee, Silver hoop hearings, Braids in Pony tail, Simple makeup look

Striped tee - Gap / Similar
Grey Leopard Scarf - Gifted / Similar / Similar / Similar Brown 
Khaki Pants- Old Navy / Other Colors /
Shoes - Toms / Plaid / Leopard / Other Colors
Earrings - Avon / Similar