How to Wear Skinny Jeans if You are.......

........shorter, older, have a big mid section, curvy, short waisted, and heavy on top. All of these describe me; except the curvy part.

I haven't been able to wear skinny jeans the way models and other bloggers wear them because of my body shape and height. It never looks good but I try to find ways to make it work. Skinny pants are usually low rise, too tight and not really designed for the above mentioned body types but here are some ways I wear my skinnies.

1. Wear with a tunic (see here, here, here and below) or longer length top, and belt if you want a hour glass shape (in my case I'm smaller in my bottom half so I usually belt to distract from that problem).  If you're bottom heavy, wear with a tunic that hugs your hips or that's more fitting to further slim down the hip area.

2. Wear with heels. Skinny jeans definitely look better on me when I wear with heels. Although I wear with flats, but not as flattering (see here).

3. Buy from the right store to find mid rise, and thicker material options. There may be other stores but I've had luck with Target (The Mossimo pants are by fit. You can find your perfect fit)  The Limited, Macy's (Style and Co). The famous Old Navy Rock Star did not work for me.

4. Wear a jacket or coat, opened to distract from any imbalance (see here).

Tunic Shirt -TJ Maxx, Belt - Old Navy, Jeans - Style and Co via Macy's
On another note, has anyone noticed that kids and teenagers do not wear boot cut jeans. The ones in my life will not be caught dead in any other type of jeans but skinnies.

Have you had problems wearing skinny jeans?

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  1. Thanks for posting, I have some of the same problems you have with finding the right skinny jeans and totally agree that they look better when one pairs heels with them. I've also found that the ones from The Limited fit me best. :)

  2. I think you look great in your skinny jeans! I am very petite too so I have to make sure I don't look too stumpy in my skinny jeans :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. It's very hard to make skinny jeans look flattering unless you are model skinny, but you look great. I like to buy them a size to big, so they're not as tight. Also, since I am short jeans are usually too long for me, but with skinnies, I find that rolling them under avoids that tapered at the ankle look that can give you an inverted triangle appearance.