Burgundy and my Zara Sandal Look Alike

It seems burgundy has disappeared from the scene. It was all the rage last year and now the color is no where to be found. Well, I have these burgundy skinnies and I will keep wearing them whether the color is still trendy or not. I have a burgundy top that I haven't even worn yet.
I'm wearing the famous Zara ankle strap sandals....No, a look alike with studs for only $15. They are marked down at my local Target. They are comfortable and I can wear them for day because the heels are about 3 or 3 1/2 inches. I seem to be going back to heels that are less than 4 inches.
...And I just realised that everything I'm wearing is from Target.

Button Down - Target, Burgundy Skinnies - Target, Sandals - Target

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  1. I think it's funny that they decided burgundy was "in" since it's always been around. Keep on wearing those skinnies! Love those gorgeous studded sandals!

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  2. Hi,how are you?Burgundy is coming in Brasil right now!!!!I take it your post today ,ok?



  3. Burgundy I think is still hot! Personally I think it is always in.

  4. Those shoes are so cute! And I think burgundy is a classic color that won't go out of style. Thanks for linking up!
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  5. Love that it's all from Target! That is my go-to place for trendy pieces. And I love how your lipstick matches your pants :)

  6. You're right oxblood was all the rage last year. Love that all the pieces came from TargeƩ, they've really good items.

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  8. Those shoes were an amazing score! I'm still mad at myself for not picking up the Zaras. Ha!

  9. Really great shoes...so pretty.

  10. Loving this fabulous look!! Burgundy trousers are lovely..love how you styled them! xo

  11. I just love your sandals and outfit!! Very cute. Found your blog via Nusophisticates. Now following :)

    With Love,