Loving Yellow

I've fallen in love with all things yellow for spring. Here are some of my favorite picks. Some have already made their way to my closet and I have the sandals in my order cart (make sure you don't get my size sold out). I have the shirt dress and love it. Can't wait to wear it. I also have the yellow shirt and would love to wear it with my purple pencil skirt and mint jeans. Yellow is a versatile color for color blocking and pairing with neutrals. Color block with Purple, Blue, Navy, Cobalt, and Green or wear with neutrals such as grey, brown and black. Are you loving yellow yet?


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  1. I'm loving yellow lately too! It's just a happy color!

    -SharonThe Tiny Heart

  2. Im so loving yellow too! The shirt dress is so pretty and I bet you'd look great in it!

  3. I love YELLOW and how it looks in spring... yet I only have ONE sweater (purchased recently from THE LIMITED), oh, and a lace top from LOFT. My husband keeps telling me how great I look in that color, so I might add the Target blouse...

    I wish I had colored skinny jeans. I'm just not brave enough :P I tend to work in very conservative environments and I feel I would really STAND out, even just in my neighborhood :P hahahaha.

    The shoes I don't like. I have big calves, actually toned legs, I run. But I feel ankle straps make me look like I have cankles. I just think they are for very skinny legged people, not me.

    1. You can start with burgundy skinnies. I started with that; or you can start with colored capris for the weekend. Capris in any color in my opinion is more welcoming.

    2. Thanks, I really like your suggestion. I do love burgundy and I only have a burgundy skirt (the rest are a few tops). Plus it wouldn't be such a "loud" color, so it would be great to start. I'll start searching when I'm out and about...

      I have to admit, until I started using Pinterest and looking into blogs almost all of my skirts + pants were neutrals. Now I have several new skirts, just waiting for spring weather (I live in NY too). But I have yet to make the jump with pants+ skinny jeans.


  4. I love yellow! It reminds me of summer and sunshine!

  5. yellow is my favorite color! that yellow shirtdress is gorgeous!
    the tiny heart sent me :)

  6. I love yellow for spring, too! All of these are great picks! =)

    Avec Amber