The Browns

I had to think twice before posting this. Because the sun is causing shadows on my face and brown seems to be boring. But here it is. I need to learn how to take pictures when the sun is not working in my favor. I guess I haven't mastered that yet. There is so much to learn when you are a blogger. I'm even reading this book right now to learn more about blogging and be a better blogger

Back to the outfit- I purchased the brown pencil skirt for church because brown is one of our choir uniform staples. It is one of the skirts I can tuck into even though I am round in the middle so it's a definite keeper. I own the same skirt in navy. It does run big so size down if you purchase it and It is remixed below for you incase you own a brown skirt pencil skirt and need ideas. You can also wear with black, mint, pink, burgundy...anything, because it's a neutral.

Have a great week ahead!

Brown Printed blouse, AGB macy's skirt, pencil skirt for apple shape, modest pencil skirt
Flounce pencil skirt, nine west color block peep toe

Orange and brown, brown floppy hat, orange and leopard, floppy hat

Do you have a favorite look? Does anyone still wear brown skirts?

Printed Blouse - Target (old)
Skirt - Macy's
Shoes - Nine West / Option



  1. I think your photos, and your outfit, look wonderful! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. The buttons on this skirt are the cutest little detail!

  3. Classic. You're so good at that! Must check out your book link. We have about 15 minutes a week to make pictures, so I need all the help I can get ... I can't manage photos in the sun at all!

  4. That is such a versatile skirt. I especially like it with the bolder colors.