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Welcome to my blog about anything and everything that has to do with Beauty Style and Growth. I've come to realize that these are the three things that excite me in life. I'm beauty Advisor with Avon, I love style and everything that has to do with improving myself in every way...Spirit, mind and body. I am going to try my best to display my writing skills - I actually wanted to be a writer when I was young and I did write a couple of stories but I don't know what happened - I ended up being an engineer. My dad was surprised at the career path I chose. He's going to be even more surprised or maybe dissappointed at the path I'm taking now - Being an Avon lady. I joined Avon in 2003 when I didn't have a job and just had a baby. My dear mom-in-law introduced me to the business and I've loved it ever since. I had started a gift basket business to earn some extra money while still looking for a job and I started Avon so that I could use the products in the gift baskets. 
Selling Avon has been a source of extra income and has taught me how to manage a business, become a leader and has empowered me in so many ways. I have a team of about 30 57 90 people and it's still growing one team member at a time. Hopefully some day in the near future this will be my sole source of income then I can fulfil my daughters dream to stay home with her during summer vacation and cook up other income producing projects.
As a young girl I also formed clubs and a school where I enrolled my younger cousins and their friends and even had a graduation ceremony with their parents attending.
Writer, young girl teaching, engineer, Avon lady leading a team, writing her first blog......It's all coming together now.
So what did want to be when you grew up? Or what is your dream right now? You're probably not doing that now but I believe God put that in you and is ordering your steps to get there even though it doesn't seem that's where you're going. Just look at the signs, observe the steps you've taken so far and jump at the opportunities to achieve your dream.
Kemi Sorinmade
If you have questions about Avon products, starting any business or need marketing ideas
Contact me at kemiavon@hotmail.com

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