Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Everytime I'm feeling uncomfortable where I am or becoming tired of my situation, I get spurred into action to do the things I need to do to get me out of the situation. Many of us get tired and are not doing what we need to be doing. And that's because we're not keeping our eyes on the prize. Stay focused on the end point and you will be surprised how energized you'll become to keep going. Jesus Christ, for the Joy that was set before Him endured the Cross. Are you enduring the pain today knowing what it will result in? The pain of exercise, staying one more day in that marriage, calling more prospects, studying for exams, praying about that situation and so name it. One of the points in Franklin Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Successful People is to "Begin with the end in Mind". Keep the prize or end result in front of you and you'll get there soon enough.

The African Attire always Fits

I thought I would show you guys what I wore to church on Sunday. It was Interantional praise day at church and every one came to church in their African attire and we all praised God in every language. Yesterday was a tough day for me but I was able to praise Him through it all. Okay back to the outfit...They are always custom made, so they always fit perfectly. Hides what needs to be hidden and accentuates what needs to be accentuated. And a head tie almost always comes with every African attire. I wanted to take pictures of others in church so you can see other styles but couldn't so maybe next time......

Dress- Custom made Belt - Old Navy, All Jewelry - Avon

The Obi Belt

I finally get to wear my Obi Belt. It's adjustable and wide enough to cinch the waist. Love the skirt because it's A line - completes the figure 8 illusion.  I think I'm all balanced out :). P.S I'm still working on my pose. Jewelry is minimal because of the nature of my job and I really don't like necklaces (working on it though)

T-shirt - Lands End, Belt- Limited, Skirt - Macy's, Sandals - Another TJ Maxx find. Did I mention that almost every time I enter a TJ Maxx Store, I always leave with a pair of shoes that costs $29.99.

To Each Her Own Obsession

I was complaining about my sister who did her nails every two weeks and I remembered that I buy shoes too often.
How often do you we look at others and complain about what they’re doing when we are also doing the same thing (at least not in our own eyes but in God's eyes). One person might like something and just because you don’t doesn’t mean they are doing the wrong thing. Same goes with the way the other person does their thing. Just because the other person does not run her family the way you do, or praise God or pray to God the way you do doesn’t mean they’re not doing it right. Now there is a real line between doing it wrong or right but until that line is clearly drawn, you need to mind your own business. There are some things others do that make you cringe. What about the things you do that makes them wrench their fists. 

So in the case of the nail polish and shoes, to each woman her own obsession (Yes there's a point where it becomes too much).
I collect shoes.... you do your nails every two weeks- let’s stop complaining but admire each other instead. I think what the other person does or spends her money on is what makes them unique and different. Just because I can't pull off wearing red lipstick doesn't mean I should complain about the sistah who wears it (if it looks good on her).

Color Blocking

Color Blocking has been the trend lately. This dress is from Avon and I've had it for a few years now. So I guess this is not a new trend after all. The dress hides all my flaws -No Spanx required!

Okay this post is really about Avon wear. This is my first post featuring an Avon outfit. I'm shamelessly promoting Avon Style...Afterall my blog name was derived from my Avon business. We carry beauty products, Outfits and accessories, and we offer growth and income opportunities. Avon outfits are unique and reasonably priced. Some might shy away from purchasing them because it's Avon but they are pretty good quality. See another blogger from Chic on the Cheap  featured in one of my posts. She loves Avon Outfits. I will be posting a fall outfit sneak peak soon.....

Dress Avon (Sold years ago)

Shoes Piperlime (My first purchase from Piperlime. They were on sale and within my budget at 24.99)
Necklace and Earrings- Avon (As you can see from many of my outfit posts, I'm my best Avon Customer)

Less is More and bigger is not necessarily Better

This outfit doesn't look like much but I think I succeeded in balancing my shape today. There's something about the top that hides my tummy.The pants used to be so roomy at the hips but I had them taken in a few months ago. I actually did this to all my pants. Having a fitted look gives more definition. I used to buy large tops and over sized pants now I know better. If you think you're big, you do not necessarily need to buy large. You can buy clothes to fit the largest part of your body but alter the necessary parts to make them fit and give you a defined shape.
 Top - Macy's, Pants Anne Klein via Marshalls, Shoes Target, Bag (I have everything in there) - Tommy Hilfiger via TJ Maxx (I'm always scared to go into TJ Maxx...I leave with too much stuff) Hair - Mine