Olive with Leopard Shoes

I wore this dress to my Avon Awards dinner last night. I know this dress is owned by a ton of bloggers and I'm dressing mine up instead of down. I saw it first on Kendi of Kendi Everyday and ran to the store to get it. She has inspired a lot of my other Target purchases.
Dress - Target, Belt - Target, Necklace - Michael Kohrs viaMacys, Pumps - Nine West via Macy's (similar)
My Awards. I actually have a fourth one. Too heavy to carry them all. Avon takes care of all their representatives. An Award dinner every year, Free trips (Sandiego last year and missing out on the Alsaskan cruise this year), Bonus checks...what's not to love. I earned the awards for one of the top 3 in team building, total personal sales, personal sales growth and total team sales. I enjoy my Avon business so much and it's one of the reasons I started this blog to showcase the wonderful value priced products. Join my team will ya! (ref code is kemi), or learn more here


Create Nail Envy with Avon's New Nail Wear Pro

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Create Nail Envy! Notice the Shimmer and Sequins Finishes. These are different and worth a try.

With a New & Improved formula, 45 new shades and 4 new finishes to play with, Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel is your pretty little secret to summer's hottest nails.

12 days of lasting color.
Increases nail strength by 80%.
High-shine finish resists dings, bangs and nicks.
No formaldehyde, toluene or phthalates.
.4 fl. oz.

Introduction Price: $3.49

Avon is also giving away all 45 Shades. Be sure to enter for your chance to win.

Browse through the Current Brochures and Outlets. You'll be surprised what you find in these catalogs. Please search for me at check out so that I can get credit if you order. Kemi Sorinmade (Massachusetts)

Fashion Blogger. Who me?

 Simply Sarah put this list together and I can relate with everyone of them. I guess I'm not alone in this. I actually still do not call myself a fashion blogger. I think there is more to being one apart from the list below, but for now I guess I'll pretend I'm one. Enjoy........

You Know You're a Fashion Blogger When:
- The words "chambray", "gingham", and "ikat" are regular words in your vocabulary 
- You know what color blocking means
- You love to shop, and in fact you literally get a high off of sales
- You use blogger's first names rather than referring to their blog name
- You've entered SO many giveaways; you never win, but hey you never know right?!
- You use blogger's first names and refer to them as if they've been your BFF forever
- You've sometimes wondered if it's vain to take pictures of yourself - and then not cared
- You've taken a picture, ran to the camera to see if you liked it, hated it and tried again
- You've mastered the art of "self-timer"
- Your phone is full of random pictures of yourself
- No matter what you're doing, even if you're camping, you wonder how you can take pictures
- You're constantly thinking about content for blog posts - you even write down ideas!
- You've gotten to know bloggers so well you feel like you've literally lived their life for a day
- One word: HTML
- You've pinned outfits on Pinterest to recreate, but rarely ever did
- You've wore outfit you just weren't into, so you skipped the day or wrote about something else
- You comment on blogs with <3 or XOXO, even though you've never met the people
- You feel closer to your blogger friends sometimes than your real friends
- At least one person in your life never knew they'd ever have to take so many pictures of you
- You've mastered at least one pose you use over and over (my one pose below)
- You look at your closet and go "I have nothing  to wear" yet you have more clothes than you need
- You know details about blogger's lives, but you don't know their last name.  And you're OK with it.
- You spend your time talking about clothes, fashion, and styling - and people actually care!
- You realize now that blogging is truly a full time career if done right
- Blogging was just supposed to start as a creative outlet, but it's turned into so much more
- You've ever wondered "hey could I do this for a career"?
- You've wasted more time on your computer blogging than you care to admit
....And one more addition from me
-Your kids keep asking you who those strangers are in the picture folder on your computer.
Do these apply to you too?
Top- Old Navy, Necklace - Forever 21, Jeans - TJ Maxx

Avon Moisture Seduction Lip Gloss

If you're looking for a new lipgloss to try, here's one that delivers great moisture and shine all at once without being sticky. I'm giving this away free (your choice) with any order at my online store from now till June 8.

See Reviews from my website
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Normal
Sweet Clementine is Gorgeous.
Date:March 13, 2012
"The smell, slight flavor, pigmentation and overall wear of this gloss in Sweet Clementine is wonderful. I have used it a bunch since receiving it and I just love it. The color is a gorgeous peachy shade that actually does show up on the lips, and it lasts. Great creamy color. Will be trying Pleased Pink next."
2 of 2 people found this review helpful.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
AVON Online Store shopping frequency:more than 6x a year
Skin tone:Medium
Skin type:Normal
Awesome lip gloss
Date:March 5, 2012
"I LOVE this lip gloss. I wear it everyday. I just wish it came in more colors as I would buy more if more colors were available. Love the glimmering champagne right now. It feels good without being sticky!"
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
AVON Online Store shopping frequency:2-3 x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Dry
Wonderful product
Date:February 18, 2012
"This lip gloss smells wonderful and is so shiny! I got glimmering champagne which is a sort of nude color. Very moisturizing, too."
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Lake Worth, FL
AVON Online Store shopping frequency:more than 6x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Combination
Violet Beauty is my lavender lipgloss Holy Grail!!
Date:February 1, 2012
"Finally!!! I've been on a quest for a year or so to find the perfect lavender lipgloss that's opaque as well as glossy. Well, not only is it opaque and glossy-it does look like it's moisturizing your lips that much more!!! I don't even need a lipliner, and usually, I like a lipliner with a lipgloss. I've seen some positive write ups about the Sweet Clementine color, too, so I might try that next. Thank you Avon!!!!!!!"


I buy stuff on a whim sometimes without thinking about fit, function and versatility.  I was drawn to this top because of its polka dots. I bought a larger size to fit my chest area but it's so big in the waist area and  makes me look frumpy when worn a lone. Solution: Layer with a cardigan. Belting is another option but the top is empire waist.

Top - Target, Cardigan- Mark (Avon), Jeggings via TJ Maxx, Pumps - Nine West
Side Note: I need to take a crash course in photo editing. Help me somebody :(

Orange Chevron and Navy

I'm trying another color combination today. Forget black.  I've always loved black because it's safe but one of the color combos I now love is Navy and Orange. I also like the way the gold pops against the navy blue (it looks much better in real life).

Top - Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx, Skirt - Old Navy(available here), Necklace - The Limited, Earrings - Avon

Beauty Post: The Benefits of Using a Facial Mask

Source: Becomegergeous.com

I want to live up to the name of my blog by bringing you another beauty post.
I've stuck to a skin care regimen for many years but I only recently started using a facial mask. This is an often neglected step in a lot of women's skin care regimens. And I don't blame you, everyone is busy.... but to get additional benefits, and treat any facial problems you may have, a facial mask used once or twice a week boosts your skin and offers a relaxing experience.

Benefits of Using a Facial Mask

1.They remove impurities, dirt and oil. If you have dry skin, you can add a boost of moisture by using a hydrating mask (Always use products suited to your skin type)
2. They relax you and your skin is revived.
3. They Remove dead skin cells to reveal smoother, glowing skin.

I've been using the Avon Clearskin Blemish clearing mask for a few weeks now and I'm liking the results. My skin is very soft and smooth everytime I use it and I'm breaking out less. If you have oily skin, it's a great option. You could also try Mark Shine Fighter Oil Control Mask from the Mark line. Read Reviews here
If you have normal skin but tend to be more oily in the summer, apply the facial mask on the T-zone (your forehead, nose and chin) avoiding the cheek area.

I'm currently offering 20% OFF any $50 Order at my Store plus receive a Free Gift with any order

Try Other Facial Mask Options here

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Vintage Dresses, Peplums and Bow Tie Blouses

I love the style of the 50's and 60's and Mod Cloth is the place to find vintage style with a modern flair. Here are a few of my favorites from Modcloth. I'm feeling the dresses, peplum tops and Bow tie blouses. If you're looking to amp up your style and look more classy, these three styles are the way to go. Pair the Peplum top with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants. The blouse will look good tucked into a pencil skirt or Flared Jeans, and the dresses will look good will flats or peep toe pumps plus simple accessories to complete the look.

Mod Cloth Offers Free returns and Exchanges plus Free shipping on orders over $50.
See more here

The Many Hats Women Wear - In Honor of Mother's Day

A few years ago I had the privilege of showcasing one of my businesses at a direct sales team meeting and I was amazed at how many hats women wear.  As the women introduced themselves, they told everyone their professions- this in addition to the business they were running. It got me thinking.... women are amazing. It's not just work/life but it's work/life/business and much more that we are balancing.  That's just us and I think God put that in us. Look at the Proverbs 31 woman - she did it all while her husband was sitting at the gate. Many working women today are also the business owners in the family.  I hear that a majority of the small business start ups in recent years are owned by women.  I heard about a woman who earns a six figure income and runs around in the evening working her business. I think it's pure passion and love for doing something more empowering just as it is for me with my Avon business and now this blog. I started this blog on blogger a year ago and I'm really enjoying it. See my first post here to see why I blog.

So, that day I went to the meeting after rushing home from work, picking up the kids, getting something for them on the way, dropped them at my sister's while asking myself why am I doing this? At the end of the meeting though I was more energized. I got home did the dishes, fed the little one, put a load in the washer, read my bible and fulfilled my other wifely duties before finally calling it a night. (I don't advise doing this everyday). I Woke up to the voice of my husband saying it was after six. I quickly jumped out of bed.....it was time to put on the day job hat....

Just recently, I also attended a blogging conference and I was amazed at how many women were there who had full time jobs but are so passionate about blogging. Taking time out of their busy schedules to attend a blogging conference - Craziness? or passion. One of the speakers at the conference is an attorney by day and blogger on the side. As I was driving to the conference I was wondering: "what is an engineer doing going to this conference?" but I find (and I'm sure most of you feel the same way)  that all these things make me happy, more energized, and more fulfilled.

So to all women out there, many hats off to you and Happy Mother's day! (Whether you're a mom or not) and I pray thay you can one day  follow your real passions full time if you so desire.

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Feature Sponsor Love Giveaway – Avon by Kemi

I'm taking a break from showing pictures of myself and sending you over to Sandy a la mode Today. Enjoy her blog and enter the giveaway. She's featured me on her blog.

 Check it out!

Feature Sponsor Love Giveaway – Avon by Kemi

Nautical Stripes

I've  read in fashion magazines that I need to avoid horizontal stripes because they make one wider. You can get away with wearing stripes if you choose the right type and style it a certain way. For my body type, I've found a few ways to make it work:
1. Wear with a blazer or cardigan
2. Go with a scoop neck or V-neck design. Avoid boat neck designs.
3. I've heard that the stripe width and spacing also matters but I haven't seen the effect this has. I think you can get away with any stripe width as long as you offset the widening effect by doing No. 1 or No. 2 or both.
4. Material type. I find that a thicker material works better because it's not too clingy. See here
Any more ideas?

Top - Avon (Mark), Blazer - Old Navy, Pants - Macy's

I'm finally able to participate in this month's Everybody Everywear Challenge. Nautical means blue stripes for me and sailor pants (well, sort off).To balance my inverted triangle shape, and in order not to look too wide, the stripes here are toned down by wearing a blazer. See how others are doing "Nautical"

Natilcal: EBEW

More Pleats and Some Polka Dots

This is church wear for Sunday. Have you noticed that I only get to dress up on Sundays? What some of you wear during the week, I can't wait to wear on a Sunday or to a function.
I never thought I would be able to tuck in into a pleated skirt because of my relatively big mid section, but this one worked somehow and it also worked here. The jacket also helps to balance my shape by concealing my heavy upper body. Yeah! Balanced again.

Blazer- New York and Co (Similar here) Tank Top and Jewelry- Avon, Skirt - The Limited (shop here), (Similar here), Shoes - Nine West

Is there any trend or style you never thought would work on you but were wrong about when you tried it?
I'm eyeing colored skinnies right now....maybe, maybe not. Anytime I hold one in a store, I put it down immediately. Not sure I'm ready yet. And these shoes make me stand tall and smart. Simply Sarah

Pinterest Inspired

I've finally gotten on the Pinterest bandwagon and I must say it's a great place for style inspiration among other things. Still don't have a real handle on it yet but I've been able to pin a few things. For this post, I'm
participating in the Pin off link up over at Simply Sarah to recreate an outfit found on Pinterest. I'm participating on a casual day, so I'm recreating a casual outfit. 

Pinterest Outfit

My Recreation

Button Down - New York and Co, Cardi-  Target, Skinny Jeans - Style and Co via Macy's, Pumps- Nine West Hand Bag - Avon Amazing Leather Handbag (still available), Necklace - Avon (mArk)
The necklace I'm wearing is shown below
Mark Triple Sparkle Necklace and 

Cowl Neck

I'm loving this cowl neck top. It is very flattering and hides flaws. I guess it works for my shape. It's a great alternative to the scoop neck design. I have another cowl neck tunic I wore this week that is also very flattering. So, if you are big chested, I believe cowl neck works but I would stay away from the ones with too much neck material.
Top - Alfani via Macy's (Similar), Pants- Rafaella via Macy's, Pumps - Nine West (different color), Belt - Old Navy  (Similar)