Colorful Nails are a Must

I've seen all kinds of nail polish colors on people's nails this summer. I was brave and ordered the Electric Green shade this past week. Here's what it looks like. Still deciding whether to do my finger nails in the same color.  Avon is having a Make up sale right now. Grab a few colors.

Nail Color- Avon Electric Green (There's a Jade Color that's not as bright). Shoes (Wedges) - Avon

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Color -2.99 each. Order here. More colors available for 2012

The Skinny Jeans

I never thought I could ever pull off wearing skinny jeans. I actually came on board with this trend a year or two after everyone I know started wearing them. I've noticed that my teenagers (daughter and sister and their friends) and 8 year old will not be caught in any jeans other than skinnys.

Top - Old Navy, Pants - Kohls
Squinting because the sun is in my eyes.

Earrings - Avon, Make up- Min-a-real Cream to powder mineral foundation in Mocha

Dressing for My Shape

This is a style post. I mentioned that this blog will also document my style adventures as I wear outfits that flatter my inverted triangle body shape (heavy on top with no hips/curves). See my post here on style tips if you are heavy on top. I have to do something extra to make what I wear look flattering. So here goes

I'm wearing: Anne Klein Top via Macy's, Belt from Target, Pants from NY and Co Very old but I love these pants because they define my small hips and I never have to iron them. Ballet flats from Old Navy. They are the most comfortable flats I have. More comfortable than other pricy ones.I bought another pair just in case. I'm also wearing my Avon bali smoothing cami, the top disguises my heavy top area and the belt cinches my big waist a little. How do you wear your outfits to conceal problem areas?

Keep Sowing

I received a call today from a potential recruit who found my recruiting flier at a store. Now this is the first person that has called me because of this flier. I have put out about a hundred of these fliers. Many give up after giving out ten fliers and they get no calls. My message to you is don't give up. This one recruit might mean 10 more because of her referrals. I've done events where I got only one customer and that one customer has translated into repeat business and other customers. When you plant seeds not all germinate and the one or two that do will yield a lot of fruit. You don't know which one will germinate and when it will but keep sowing. Give out the business cards, the brochures, and make those calls. You never know which one response will give you the big break you need. Don't be weary in well doing (Doing what you know you ought to do) for at the proper time you will reap a harvest IF YOU FAINT NOT (if you do not give up, get tired). Galatians 6:9 Don't get tired.

My Favorites This Week

Here are a few finds that I Love this week. Hope you like them too!

Bali Smoothing Cami- Better than Spanx
I ordered this from Avon and wore it today. I must say this is my favorite smoothing cami. With all the rave about Spanx (which I own and spent a lot of money for) I think this one is better. It is seamless and provides overall shaping and smoothing. It does not roll up and can actually be worn as a tank because of the material. It does not look like spandex. Only 24.99 at Avon (Take $5 OFF if you order by July 15)

Liqui Glide Eyeliner - Get the liquid eyeliner look if you are not skilled at using one. This comes in a variety of colors and it lasts all day. A customer ordered this and loved it. I'm loving it too. I wore black plum this week. This is a plum color I'm not allergic to. (I'm allergic to purple color eye makeup). The only thing is be gentle when applying it. Get it here

Curves Walking Shoes - These shoes are comfortable and put me in the mood for walking at lunch time. They are less bulky than sneakers and can be worn without socks. Get it here

Anew Clinical Pro Luminosity Handcream with SPF 15 We always forget that our hands need protection from the sun and also needs some anti aging TLC. This handcream provides both benefits. Prevent wrinkles on your hands also, not just your face. Get it here

More faves next week!

A Taste of San Diego

I just returned from San Diego after enjoying a 5 day trip I earned from Avon. This will be the first of many free trips.  It's a nice city with a nice history and lots to see. Beautiful homes and nice construction all over. If you're thinking of vacationing out west it's a nice place for the entire family or for couples. The place has a nice romantic feel---wish I went with my husband.

Old Town San Diego

Coronado Bridge - High rate of suicides on this bridge

The electric fence separating San Diego and Tijuana Mexico

What I really found interesting was our visit to the town of Coronado. A town of 27,000 (population hasn't increased in years).This town has beautiful expensive little homes that cost millions of dollars. No two homes are the same here. They have a lawn police who ensures all lawns are perfect else they get fined according to the value of the home. There are no red lights and there's practically no crime and only one gas station. Wouldn't you love to live there.

The houses are made of Stucco. You will hardly find wooden structures

A Lesson in Momentum

A lesson in Momentum

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity(speed). Remember your Physics? It’s the force that keeps you going. We need momentum in every area of our lives..Marriage, business, work, and relationships in order to make it. These are life areas common to a lot of us and we need to shine in all these areas if not what's the point? Another law in physics- everything at rest will not move unless a force is applied to it. So your life will not move if you don’t do something. Now mass and velocity produces the momentum you need. The mass portion, I would relate to knowledge, what you know about your business for instance. The more you know, the more action you take. The word of God says faith comes by hearing….the word. So do you know anything about your work, business, your relationships? Are you reading up, and taking time to learn?. I’ve studied a lot of people who are good at what they do and one thing I have seen is that they read and study the applicable subject areas related to what they’re doing. But knowledge is not enough; you have to run with that knowledge. Another bible quote- “faith without works is dead”. What you know and what you believe yields no result if you don’t take action.  So start building momentum today by knowing and doing- fast and consistently. Doing something once in a while will not yield any good results either. Be consistent with your actions. Is your relationship failing? Is your business slowing down? Build up some momentum.