Goal Setting

It's about time I did a Growth Post. I've been focusing too much on style on this blog....Actually it's the easiest thing to post. I don't really have to put much thought into it.
As 2012 approaches many of us want to do better and do new things. It's not enough to think them and wish them. You have to set the goals to achieve your wishes for 2012. I call them wishes because they will not get fulfilled without a plan. So here are some tips on successful Goal Setting. I'm sure you've heard of SMART Goals. If your goals are SMART they will be easily fulfilled. Be Specific, make sure your goals are Measureable and Achievable, and are they Relevant and Time Bound?When you follow this simple rule you'll find yourself reaching your goal easily. But another determining factor is that you must really want the goal achieved. Many goals are not achieved because we don't really want it deep down. For me it's weight loss. The only thing that has kept me from losing the weight I've wanted to lose for the past 5 years is me. If I really wanted to lose weight it would have happened. So you must want it really bad for it to happen.
Other things to do - 1. Write it down (See my post on The Power of Writing it Down here) 2. Tell others so you can be accountable - the more people know about what you're trying to achieve the more accountable you will be to keeping to your goals 3. Don't tell others ( I know) - Don't tell those you know are nay sayers. You need the support 4. Re evaluate and make adjustments as needed. 5. Tie a reward to achieving a milestone or achieving the goal.

One of my goals for 2012 is to lose 5 to 7 inches in my mid section ( I really don't want to lose that much weight just want to lose the mid section).
S-Specifics - Lose 5 to 7 inches
M - measure with a tape measure weekly
A - Yes it's very attainable by exercising, cutting carbs, and doing crunches. I have all the exercises downloaded on my ipad. I honestly do not have time to go to the gym.
R - It's relevant ( I read that those who are xx inches or more around their mid section have a higher risk of disease. I also want to look nicer and that's my husbands only complaint about my body)
T- Time bound. Need to lose 5 inches by June and the rest by December

I'm also sharing it on this blog to be accountable. :) and my reward is better health and I'm sure I will be buying those outfits that are not currently forgiving to my current mid section.
That's goal number one set.

Any of you setting goals for 2012?

Successful people are always setting goals.

Casual Days

I'm on vacation like many others in the world. Yeah! I've just been home with the kids and hubby, running errands, shopping and going to bed late and waking up late. Wish this could go on forever. My casual go to outfit is a sweater + Jeans or Shirt + Jeans. I could have layered the first outfit with a Cardi, but I really wanted to be comfy. I usually don't like too much going on with my outfits sometimes. But you can see how Audrey of Putting Me Together did a good job styling the Gingham Shirt here

The Famous blog world Gingham Shirt - Old Navy, Jeans - Kohls

Cardi - Banana Republic, Jeans- Old Navy, Boots - Nine West via Macy's

I'm loving my Nine West Protege Boots. When did I start paying attention to names of shoes???When I start stalking them to see when they go on sale. I bought these on Black Friday and went back to get a price adjustment when the price went even lower. They are really comfortable.

Red and Black

Every Christmas season, the entire world goes red, white, black, green and gold. Our choir uniform this past Sunday was red and black.

Let's not forget that Jesus is the reason .....

For Wearing Red....For all the shopping craze....For all the presents....For all the carols....For all the kindness and goodness that goes around this time of the year...Many don't want to admit it or have forgotten that He's the reason for the season.....Let's not forget that. The entire world celebrates Christmas in one form or the other - commercially or spiritually to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This proves to me that He is real. What will you do with Jesus?

Here's moi in my version of red and black. I chose comfort over style in the second picture. I wore the boots because we were standing for the most part during church service

Hat - Old Navy, Necklace - Avon, Dress and Shoes (heels) - Macy's. 

Sweater -Macy's, Belt - Nine West via Macy's, Boots - Nine West

Outfit Inspiration-Linen Pants

Fot the longest time I would just go shopping and purchase anything I like without thinking of how I would style it or if it would fit and flatter my body. I started looking for inspiration on the internet to style my outfits because they were just sitting in the closet and I had no clue how to style them. Thanks to the many style blogs I found and I'm now obsessed with, the clothes in my closet are now getting worn. Hence, the style section of this blog. I copied Olivia P to style these Linen Pants from Macy's. Next time though, I think a more fitted top will go better with the pants to balance me out better.

Top - Inc via Macys, Pants- Macy's, Bracelt - F21, Clutch - Nine West, Shoes-Aldo

Where do you get your daily outfit inspiration? I get my inspiration mostly from from blogs, In style, Mrs O and the Limited

Karen Kane Giveaway by The Weekend File

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Nine West Mariola Boots

I've been stalking these boots forever at Nine West and I finally purchased them with my Avon Points. I ordered them on Cyber Monday and cancelled the order and reordered the day after because the price went down. So much for Cyber Monday Sales. I've seen better sales after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Well these boots are so comfy and soft and cute. I could wear them everyday. Also worn here

Nine West Mariola Boots 

Boots- Nine West, Jacket, Sweater, Pants - Style and Co Via Macy's, Bracelet - F21, Necklace- Avon

A Line

In my continuous quest to dress my body shape, here's a skirt for those who have no hips. This skirt is literally A Shaped and it creates the needed balance for the inverted triangle shaped woman. The black crew neck creates a slimming effect on top. Now my goal is to have a more defined waist without wearing a belt. Time to lose some weight in my mid section.
T-Shirt - Macys, Skirt - Macy's ??(old) Boots - Madden Girl via TJ Maxx

Necklace- Avon

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