Power Color

I'm wearing my favorite color - green. I think this is my power color, you know the color that looks good on you and makes you stand out in some way.  It's also the color that I'm always drawn to. Have you found your power color? And I think I have found my best fitting pants. I've had these pants for many years but until recently, I never paid attention to making sure my pants fit properly. I wish Isaac Mizrahi still made clothes for Target. And Speaking of Target; I went to Target on Friday and didn't go through the clothes section first. Yeah me! I get some of my groceries at Target but I usually go to see what is on sale in the clothes section first and end up spending more than I need to...but this time I didn't give in to that urge. Anyone else guilty of this?

Top - Old Navy, Pants- Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Shoes - Target, Necklace and Earrings - Avon

Spring Scarf in the Winter

Scarf - Avon, Sweater and Jacket via TJ Maxx, Pants- Style and Co via Macys, Boots - Macys

This scarf is supposed to be a spring scarf but who determines which scarf is right for which season. I usually resort to this scarf because it's light weight and not too bulky. My bulky scarves tend to be uncomfortable with my jacket on and I end up freezing because I take them off. It looks like lately, a lot of outfits slated for a certain season are now being reworked into other seasons....Bright colors in the winter, floral skirts and dresses in the winter, sweaters in the summer... and so on. I think this makes the wardrobe more versatile or maybe I'm just looking forward to spring.

AVON $25 Giveaway

Head on Over to Putting me Together Blog to enter this AVON Giveaway. I'm thankful to Audrey for putting this together.

Playing it Up....or Down

Tunic and Jeggings- TJ Maxx, Boots - Nine West

Love this tunic because it's fuller at the hips. Thus, creating a balanced look. As you all know I'm always looking to play down my heavy top and play up my skinny bottom ;). In what ways do you play down or play up your shape?
(Gosh! Excuse the lighting)

Tips for Dry Winter Skin

I think winter is finally here in New England. I've  had days in the winter when I feel so itchy and have to take a shower, then slather myself with lotion and body oil. The itchiness is caused by dryness in the air. In the winter the air becomes very dry and hence lack of moisture. It's time to bring out the humidifier and stock up on creams. Taking the following steps will ensure that you don't lose your glow. Remember drier skin means aging skin and early wrinkles.
  •  Use a body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. For the face, I recommend using a facial  scrub three times a week. This allows new skin to resurface and help maintain your glow. 
  •  For my body, I use a lotion mixed with baby oil. This helps the lotion spread and               absorb more quickly. Mixing sugar with some olive oil makes a good home made body scrub. A smoothed skin also allows moisturizers absorb more quickly.
  • Keep your hands and elbows moisturized. With every washing (which should increase in the winter months because of the flu and colds), use a hand cream. Keep one at your office desk, one in your bag and one at home. Keeping your hands moisturized at all times will ensure you have smooth beautiful looking hands and nails.
  • Wash your face only with a facial cleanser suited to your skin type and don't wait too long to moisturize with a day cream with SPF and also suited to your skin type and problems. Good facial skin care is the key to perfect makeup application and look.
  • Keep your lips moisturized all day with a lip balm with SPF if you don't wear lipstick.
  • Complete your look with foundation and make up. Foundation helps even out your skin tone and maintain a dewy look. Get a color that matches your skin tone perfectly. Apply eye shadow for some sparkle and eyeliner for eye definition.
  • And don't forget your feet. Yes it's winter and no one sees your feet anymore but they need to be pampered. If you have time, soak your feet a few times in the month and mositurize with a foot cream. Also Scrub your heels with a pumice stone at least twice a week in the shower. Doing all these will prevent callouses, and cracked heels. This will also ensure that by the time spring rolls around, your feet are ready for those sandals.
Here are some Avon picks to keep you glowing during the season.



Tunic and Leggings and Nine West Boots

Happy New Year all! Thank God for a New Year and I'm praying new mercies, new grace, renewed strength and renewed faith for all who will receive in Jesus name.
In addition to jeans, my go to outfit for the weekend is tunic and leggings. Sometimes I do get uncormforatble in jeans so I opt for leggings which also get uncomfortable sometimes. I really don't like anything too close to my skin including tights and panty hose but I endure them since a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ;). Do you sacrifice comfort over style sometines?

Tunic via TJ Maxx (Great find last year), Belt Calvin Klein via Macy's, Leggings Style and Co via Macys, Boots - Nine West All Jewelry - Avon