Green, Brown and Leopard

Happy late Wednesday all. Just a quick post today. The Leopard shoes are my during the week leopard pumps. Every time I reach for my 4" in leopard pumps, I end up not wearing them because they are too high for everyday normal wear. I saw these at Target (when I went in for flour) for $9 and snagged them.  The heels are just 3" I believe. They are easier to walk in and subtle. To balance out my shape, I chose an A-line skirt to cancel out the widening effect of the horizontal stripes on top.

Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger via Macy's, Skirt - Macy's (similar), Pumps - Target
Necklace - The Limited (similar)

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Totally Kissable Lipstick

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Avon has launched Totally Kissable lipstick in 10 different shades. The lipstick is creamy, rich and long lasting. I tried the Coy Copper shade and I love it. It lasted about six hours with no touch up. You can get these for 99 cents for a limited time at the Avon store.

Here are the shades

Here, I'm wearing Totally Kissable lipstick in Coy Copper

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Pro Line Eraser for under Eye Wrinkles

As we grow older, things start going down hill. The undereye area is no exception. Well, you can do something about wrinkling around the eye area. Avon is always ahead of the game with affordable anti aging products for every type of skincare need. This new eye cream targets stubborn wrinkles and crows feet. Give it a try!

Why do I need to use an eye treatment ?
One of the first signs of aging is crow's-feet. Using an anti-aging eye cream is important to help reduce the look of these tell-tale fine lines and wrinkles.
Is it okay to use on delicate skin in the eye area ?
Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment has been specifically tested for use around the eye area. Use sunscreen lotion if you're planning to spend time outside. Avoid direct contact with eyes.
What makes Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment different from other eye creams ?
Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment is formulated with patented A-F33. According to a consumer-perception study, the look of deep wrinkles around the eye area was reduced in just three days.
When and how do I have to apply this treatment ?
Use it in the morning and at night as the last step in your regimen. Use your ring finger to dab until the cream is absorbed. Never rub

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Skin Care Tip: The secret to having your skin care products work is consistency. Many people tell me they use a product and it doesn't work. The reason is that they don't use it everyday or they stop using it and switch to another product too soon. It's just like exercise. You can't exercise on and off and expect to see results.

ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser is available at the Avon Store for only $24.99, plus check out other anti aging products suited for your skin care needs.

Sweater and a Bow Blouse

It's been really cold the past few days. Cold days for me meant a chunky sweater and jeans and scarf. Once I realized that chunky sweaters didn't work for my body type (they add even more bulk to my already heavy top), I got rid of all of them, except the one worn here. Here's one way I tried to dress warm yet stylish for work. A nice bow blouse layered with a pullover sweater. Let's see what I can come up with tomorrow.

Sweater - Old Navy, Blouse - The Limited, Pants - Barr III via Macy's

How are you staying stylish in cold weather?
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Monochromatic Brown

Today I'm head to toe in brown. This was our choir uniform for today. Not that I love to draw attention to myself, but this will be another way to make my wardrobe more interesting; wearing different shades of the same color. You can also go monochromatic when you don't know what to wear because you have mixed and matched all your different colors. I'm planning on doing more monochromatic looks soon.

Top - Macy's, Skirt - AGB via Macy's, Pumps - Macy's, Leopard Belt - Target (similar)
Hat - Target (similar)

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How to Wear Grey with Brown

Grey and brown are two colors that are tricky to combine but today, everything I'm wearing is because of the frigid weather we had today. I'm wearing my thickest hat, thickest sweater and one of my warmest scarves to keep warm. And the boots are new from Nine West. I finally found stylish flat ankle boots that I can wear all day with boot cut pant styles.

Sweater - Loft, Scarf and Hat - Target, Jeans - Old from TJ Maxx, Boots - Nine West

Nine West Sossie Boots
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Feeling Autumn with Rust and Mustard

This outfit brings three words to mind: spice, pumpkin and fall. I hope I'm not reminding you of the fall by wearing this. We actually had fall like weather today in New England so I guess the colors are right on the money. Rust is one of my favorite colors and I'm enjoying combining it with different colors. Oh, and I had to wear these boots again and the tights are "thigh highs". I did not want to be uncomfortable in anyway today.

Sweater - Target (similar), Skirt - Target (other colors)Shell - Tommy Hilfiger via Macy's
Belt - Target (similar), Boots - Nine West

Blue Blazer and Green Polka Dot Sweater

Just a quick post today. Wearing one of my favorite color combinations. As you can tell, I've gotten my money's worth out of these boots. I think I should give them a rest for now.
Have a lovely weekend!

Sweater - Old Navy (similar), Jeans - Old Navy , Blazer - AGB via Macy's, Boots - Nine West, 
Necklace - The Limited

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Stripes and Poppy

Wearing stripes again today.....this time on top.

Sweater - Target, Skirt - The Limited (similar), Boots - Nine West, Necklace - In Pink

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Striped Ponte Skirt and Tights

I decided to challenge myself on a work day and wear this striped skirt for Marionberry's challenge of the month. It was hard to do because I had to wear tights due to the weather. You should have seen me struggling to put them on. I also don't last all day in tights but I think I need to get used to them because they add something special to an outfit.  The horizontal stripes on the skirt helps to balance my inverted triangle shape. I will take horizontal stripes on my bottom half any day. I do wear stripes on top too (here)

Sweater - Macy's, Layering tee - Old Navy, Skirt - The Limited, (similar), Tights - Hue

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Dress and Blazer

 I think this is the first time I'm doing a blazer over dress look. I usually don't like doing that because it seems I'm hiding the beauty of the entire dress. But today, it's out of necessity. It's a fairly old dress which is now a little tight in the chest area. Wearing a blazer is always a good way to cover any imperfection.

Dress - Macy's (similar), Jacket - Apt 9 via Kohls, Pumps - BCGB via 6pm(similar), Necklace - Michael Kors via Macy's (Love this)

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The Versatile Burgundy Pants

These burgundy pants are more versatile than I thought they would be. I've worn them a few times since I got them and they go with everything. Burgundy pairs well with with mustard (here), navy (here), brown, poppy, grey and of course black. I picked up the sweater at Target while shopping for groceries and I was asking myself what I needed another sweater for; but I've worn it so many times. I'm glad I got it and at just $15.

Sweater - Target (similar) Burgundy Jeans - Target, Boots - Nine West