I Hired a Cleaning Lady: Tip for Success

Growing your business while outsourcing lesser jobs
I mentioned on Twitter last year in a conversation that one of the things I was going to do in 2014 is source out cleaning. Well I did find a cleaning lady and twice already this year I've used her service. I did this because I have so much on my plate. If you follow this blog, you will see everything I involve myself with. I decided to source out cleaning so I can have more time to do other things. The first day she came, I actually spent time cleaning along with her. The second time, I spent the entire time she was cleaning working on creating a brochure for my business (time well spent).
Some may frown on this but if you are about something and going somewhere, you gotta do what you gotta do. I have so much I want to do but I still want a clean house while pursuing my goals.

I went to an Avon seminar late last year and one of the tips given was that you should put a dollar amount on the work you do, say $25 per hr or $100 per hr or whatever. Do you want to pay $50 an hr for cleaning? Spend that hour doing work on your business and pay $20/hr ( a lesser amount) to someone else to do the cleaning, stamp letters, answer the phones and so on. I thought I didn't have the money to pay someone else to do stuff for me but I then remembered how much I spend on shoes and clothes and eating out. I wrote a note to self: Stop buying all these stuff and move your business forward.

Sometimes as women, we use our kids and the work we have to do at home as an excuse to not go for what we really want. I've missed out on so many opportunities, even quality time with my husband because of this. So that's what I'm doing. I have big dreams for this year and it's going to require taking some non conventional steps.... so next stop: hire an assistant!

And this is so true. Anyone else do this? I remember trying to rush home from work so that I could tidy things up before the cleaning lady got to my house.

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Burgundy Skirt Remix

This is a dress down version of the burgundy skirt I featured two weeks ago. It was a relatively warm day so I decided to wear a skirt. I added interest to the outfit by wearing colored tights. These ones from Target are not bad at all. They passed the no itch test. I wore them all day with no problems.  To ease into the colored tights trend, wear them with boots to hide most of it. I did go bold with cobalt ones last year.  I'm probably too old to do that again now.

I do not believe January is almost over. I hope all the goals you wrote down are being worked on. I've accomplished quite a few things this month. My new planner came in this week and I will be using it to help me stay on track with everything - my blog, business, spiritual growth, family, meal planning and so on. I hope to share more of how I will be using it. Yes I love paper planning and this year I decided to go pretty by going with the Erin Condren Planner.

Colored tights, burgundy tights
Nine West Boots black, Wegde Boots, Polka dots and burgundy

Cardigan -Target / Similar / Open cardi
Skirt - Target
T-Shirt - Gap / Similar
Tights - Target
Boots - Nine West / Similar / Similar

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Five Things: Life Lately

Just wanted to do a different type of post today and share a few things happening with me and the blog. I would like to say welcome to all my new friends on the blog. I hope you stay a while and thanks for following. 

1. I've become more active on Instagram but still do not fully get it. For example, I don't understand why you can't link to anything in the posts or be able to save pictures you like or have a history of things you have liked. I still need to learn more about what Instagram is all about, but I seem to feel the need to take selfies lately. Please follow me As you can see, I have zero likes for the most part ;)

2. I mentioned as part of my goals for 2014 that I wanted to learn how to make some nice graphics. I've been using PicMonkey for my collages and just recently paid the yearly subscription (not sure what I paid for yet) and I did my first design for my sponsorship page. So yes, I am taking sponsorships for the blog. I'm looking to fill three spots for February. Take 50% off if you email me and sign up by January 31st. I've sponsored quite a few blogs and I think from the experience I've learned how I would like to treat my own sponsors. I will take care of you. 

3. I've been working on a project which has proven to be more difficult than I thought and I almost gave up, but this quote by Martin Luther King has kept me going. I'm going to keep taking the steps or no matter how small and in the way I know how to get it going. 
4.  If you are a dog lover and have an interest in photography and growing yourself, check out Stephanie of Lattes and Paw Prints blog. If you are looking for a new book to read, she has done quite  a few book reviews for you.

Lattes and Paw Prints

5. Check out my Sole Society shoe picks for you. I really love their shoes and want all these but there is no room for any more shoes and no budget for shoes in the near future.  Except maybe for black boots which I'm still searching for. Enjoy!

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Freezing Weather Chic: Yellow and Brown

We are in a deep freeze again and getting dressed has been challenging. I've been in khaki pants and jeans all week. For one, I do not have enough thick sweaters and surprisingly I haven't gone shopping for more. I'm making do with what I have by layering...and then again I hate layers upon layers because it gets uncomfortable. The cords are my go to for the freezing weather. I've gone from not wearing them at all when I purchased them two years ago to wearing them almost weekly since the winter began. This is the third time I'm wearing them on the blog...time for a 5 ways to wear these Old Navy cords post. As you can see from the second picture, it was freezing (and still freezing as I type) when I was taking these pictures. I'm even ashamed to say how cold it was but I managed a few smiles and quickly did what I had to do. Enduring the cold freezing cold weather for a few minutes is not bad right?

 Sweater - The Limited / SimilarSimilar
 Scarf - Similar / Similar
 Pants - Old Navy / Similar/  Similar / Skinny Option


Flawless Face and Bright Eyes with Avon

Here are some great products from Avon to help you achieve a flawless face and bright eyes. 

Face Perfector, Primer, Eye Cream, Mega Effects, CC Cream, Eyeliner

1. After moisturizing, apply the Magix Face Perfector. It absorbs oil and acts as a primer.
2. The eye cream diminishes wrinkles and reduces dark circles.
3. Apply the eyeliner to define and open up the eyes. 
4. The Mega Effects mascara lengthens your lashes and further opens up the eyes
5. The Color Corrector Cream conceals dark spots and corrects them over time. It also provides medium coverage and contains SPF 50 for sun protection

Which one would you like to try? These are all available now at the Avon Store. 

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Polka Dot Remix and $410 Up for Grabs {Giveaway}

We had unexpected snow two days in a row this past weekend and I thought I would take one picture while it was snowing so as to have a picture with snow effects. Two weeks ago, I did not take pictures because it was snowing but I liked all the snow effect pictures I saw in blog land and decided to brave the snow with this one.
Polka dots are still a favorite of mine. This skirt is really old and at some point I thought it was no longer trendy to wear polka dots. I paired it previously with a red top and here, I'm doing all black and white with this plain black sweater. A plain sweater is a great piece to invest in because it can be easily accessorized and paired with anything like I did here, and stretches your wardrobe.

Fossil watch, Pink pearls, how to wear long pearl necklace
Polka dot skirt, sandals with tights, tommy hilfiger bag, long pearl necklace

Sweater - Old Navy / Similar / Similar
Skirt - Old / Similar / Pencil Skirt Option
Necklace - Hawaii Market / Similar / Similar / Similar
Bag - Tommy Hilfiger / Similar /
Shoes - Nine West / Similar /Similar / Similar
Watch - Fossil
Bracelet - Nine West / Similar / Similar

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I am Ready to Look Foolish


This quote speaks to me in so many ways

Just like a mother doesn't care who is looking at her nakedness while she's giving birth to a baby, you must be willing to open up, let go, not care what people think as you are pursuing your dream. You may look foolish to some people who are making fun of you or complaining that you keep promoting your business on social media, but if that is what is going to make you successful, keep at it. I have a friend who ceaselessly promotes her business on Facebook and was given a side eye by some but she has become a success because she did what she had to do.

I don't see any problems with bloggers commenting on your blog and asking you to check them out and follow them. I have found so many great blogs this way. If these bloggers didn't ask me to check them out, I wouldn't have found them.
I remember ordering an Avon sticker for my car and was afraid to put it on my car for a whole year because of the fear of looking foolish especially at work; fearing what my co workers and boss would say. Well, I finally put it on and the so called co workers and boss are my customers.

So I think I'm ready to look foolish so that I can succeed in my businesses, relationships, blogging and spiritual life....I will be

  • Sharing this blog on my personal Facebook Page
  • Sharing the love of Christ, 
  • Asking if other bloggers would check out my blog
  • Reaching out to brands I love so I can promote them (Reached out to two already) 
  • Keep taking pictures for the blog no matter who is looking or tells me that I am vain
  • Doing what I can with the project I'm working on even if I don't have 100% experience. Gotta start somewhere right?
  • Be the first to say I love you, I am sorry, etc
In what ways are you ready to look foolish?

Engineer Style: Simple

We've had sort of yucky weather all week. After all the snow and deep freeze, we've been having rain, fog and some left over ice all over the place. This has hampered picture taking. I was able to take these yesterday and these three turned out okay. This is just a simple style for work. I needed to stay warm and comfortable. A sweater turtle neck is a great alternative to wearing an actual sweater. No scarf needed, although I forgot to wear a necklace. A necklace is my least favorite accessory to wear.

Gap Khakis, Crown vintage booties DSW
how to style gap khakis

Turtle Neck - TJ Maxx / Similar / Similar
Pants- Gap / Similar
Boots- DSW
Bag - Coach / Similar
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Burgundy and Blush

Here's one outfit I would love to try soon and an idea for you if you own any of these pieces. You know me, I buy pieces that don't fit my engineering lifestyle and plan outfits that I can't wear anywhere. I can't even wear this to church yet because the choir has to be in uniform most of the time. I own the top, skirt, pumps and similar accessories. Let's see if an opportunity presents itself soon.  

Burgundy pencil skirt, hue tights, leopard pumps Caress, Nine West, Crossbody Satchel
Blouse / Burgundy Skirt / Tights / Leopard Pumps / Bag / Necklace
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Five Lessons for Success

It was my turn to teach bible study at church last week and I thought I would share some excerpts from the teaching.  Lessons for Success in 2014.  This applies to spiritual, life and business Success.

1. Check your Net Mt 13:47. The parable in this chapter is about fishermen who caught some fish and sat down to sort through what they caught. They kept the good fish and threw the bad ones back in the sea. On a daily basis, a lot of things come our way both good and bad.  Things we see, hear, experience. Positive and negative thoughts or interactions with people. Separate the good from the bad. Keep the good and let go of the bad. We have many opportunities thrown at us every day and we need to make the right choices regarding what to keep and what to lose. Keep the ones that have eternal value and dump the others. Keep only what pertains to your destiny and your goals. Keep what aligns with the word of God and get rid of those that don't.  Not everything, not everyone, not every activity can go with you to your destination. So think about what comes your way every day and make the right choices.

2. Go Outside Mt 13:1-2. It is time to go outside. In this bible passage, Jesus went out to meet the people that were waiting after he finished teaching inside the house. The world is waiting for the manifestation of the God's Children. We are functioning only inside the church and the world is not being saved and people are not being helped. Jesus went about doing good and that is what the church is supposed to be doing today.
Jesus came to the lost sheep. We are so focused on the 99 sheep instead of the one. We are so focused on ourselves. As an individual, as families and as a church, let us be more outward. Use the platform God has given you to share the love of God. This is one thing I'm really working on this year; reaching out and sharing God's love.
As it relates to business, after you've reached out to people you are naturally comfortable with, or people in your area, go out. Get out of your comfortable and familiar zone. Although it's great to have a niche, don't limit reaching out, collaborating with, and selling your blog or your business to just people who look like you or act like you or are close to you or the same age as you. There's a bigger market out there. Go for it.

3. Stretch Forth Thine hand. Mt 12:10, 13.  In this passage, Jesus healed the man with a withered hand. He told the man to stretch forth the withered hand. He did and he was completely healed. This is faith in action. Take the first step at His word, at His prompting and He will do the rest. God’s grace is available for that thing He is asking you to do.
You don't know how much you have in you until you try. You think you can't but you can.
Many of us don't go for our dreams or do what we need to do because of lack of faith. Because we still see that withered hand. It is in stretching forth that hand that we get the victory. It is in spending that last dime that we will get our abundance. You want to start a business but you say there's no money. What if you could invest the little money you have and see what happens.
If you are waiting for the right time, the right time will never come. God works with little. He specializes in working with our faith.

4. Be a Person of Vision Prov 29:18.  Have a plan, write it down.  Anything goes if you don't have a vision, you cast of restraint. Be intentional with your life, with your day. I believe in the power of writing things down. Write the vision make it plain. If you don't have anything you're living for then anything goes. You will easily allow things in your life; like sin, lack of discipline, and useless activities. What do you want for your life, your business, your marriage, your blog, your ministry? It is only when you are intentional in all these areas that you will succeed. 

5. Believe in the Impossible. Luke 1:37 and mat 19:25-26. "It is impossible with man but with God, all things are possible".  Lay your impossibilities at the feet of Jesus. Give them to Him and let Him make it possible. It is impossible for you but with God, all things are possible. Through your weakness He is strong. Things will remain impossible for us only because deep inside we don't believe or we really don't want it bad enough. 

....and a bonus, Believe in yourself. This one is brought to you by Lattes and Paw Prints. I love her quote here

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