Spring Scarf in the Winter

Scarf - Avon, Sweater and Jacket via TJ Maxx, Pants- Style and Co via Macys, Boots - Macys

This scarf is supposed to be a spring scarf but who determines which scarf is right for which season. I usually resort to this scarf because it's light weight and not too bulky. My bulky scarves tend to be uncomfortable with my jacket on and I end up freezing because I take them off. It looks like lately, a lot of outfits slated for a certain season are now being reworked into other seasons....Bright colors in the winter, floral skirts and dresses in the winter, sweaters in the summer... and so on. I think this makes the wardrobe more versatile or maybe I'm just looking forward to spring.


  1. I love that you are wearing a spring scarf in the winter. A scarf always adds something extra to your outfit, no matter what season it is. I have this same scarf and the purple one and they are some of my favorites :) Heather