Nautical Stripes

I've  read in fashion magazines that I need to avoid horizontal stripes because they make one wider. You can get away with wearing stripes if you choose the right type and style it a certain way. For my body type, I've found a few ways to make it work:
1. Wear with a blazer or cardigan
2. Go with a scoop neck or V-neck design. Avoid boat neck designs.
3. I've heard that the stripe width and spacing also matters but I haven't seen the effect this has. I think you can get away with any stripe width as long as you offset the widening effect by doing No. 1 or No. 2 or both.
4. Material type. I find that a thicker material works better because it's not too clingy. See here
Any more ideas?

Top - Avon (Mark), Blazer - Old Navy, Pants - Macy's

I'm finally able to participate in this month's Everybody Everywear Challenge. Nautical means blue stripes for me and sailor pants (well, sort off).To balance my inverted triangle shape, and in order not to look too wide, the stripes here are toned down by wearing a blazer. See how others are doing "Nautical"

Natilcal: EBEW


  1. i love the blazer and the length of your pants.

  2. love the blazer! i finally participated in EBEW too!!

  3. I love it when stripes are in a non-traditional color (black, navy) - the bright blue really pops.