Black Peplum and White Pencil Skirt

Happy Sunday everyone. Sorry for my lack of posts. It's been hard taking pictures because my daughter has been away and right now, no one does it better than she does. 
This was choir uniform for church. This is my first time owning or wearing a white pencil skirt. I've been searching for one for years (they are always sold out) and finally found this one at Macy's and is also sold out. 
The white reminds me of how clean we should be as Christians. I made sure I cleaned my seat before getting into the car and before sitting down anywhere in church. I did not want a stain on the back of the skirt. No wonder God likens us to being dressed in white. When we have this in mind that we are spiritually dressed in white, we will always be careful what we allow come near us so as to avoid getting stained...and of course before the day was over, there was a stain on the skirt. But no worries, it will be washed....just like we always receive forgiveness and cleansing by the blood of the lamb.

peplum, white pencil skirt, polka dot shoes, tommy hilfiger bag

Peplum Top - Alfani via Macy's (similar) (similar) (Sleeveless option)
White Pencil Skirt - Charter Club via Macy's (similar) (similar) (similar) (option) 
Polka Dot Pumps - Nine West (option) (option)
Bag - Tommy Hilfiger (option)
Bib Necklace - INC via Macy's


  1. such a pretty top and great shoes

  2. how lovely you are in this classic black-and-white! thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Classy and pretty! Love the fun pumps!

  4. I have developed a "thing" for pencil skirts again, and this one looks so chic on you! Great look!

  5. Those shoes! Love!

  6. oh wow, this is such a great look on you. Definitely would love a pair of those shoes in my shoe rack!

    A Heart and Soul Story Blog

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  8. You look stylish and classic ... black and white is always a winner in my book.

    Have a fabulous week
    Simply Sassy Style

  9. Lovely girl, lovely thoughts ... and in the completely mundane, you look grand in a straight white skirt. Black peplums were the biggest gift the last seasons have given us curvy girls.
    Never looked better!

  10. I am seeing more and more Peplum outfits. I love them. You look great in yours. Very chic.

  11. Fabulous outfit, lady! You are stunning.

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions.

    Lauren xx

  12. Very pretty outfit & love the shoes. Bl & wh is def one of my favorite combos. It's always striking. And, my favorite part of your blog post is the comparison of the white skirt & keeping ourselves clean as Christians -- not wanting to mess up our clean white clothes. I love that. {found you on Suburbs Mama}

  13. Very sharp. Skirt crisp and beautifully tailored. stunning outfit for work.

  14. Just jacked off to these pics