Navy Lace and Striped Ponte

This is what my face looks like after a long day at work and long drive home. Basically what I look like without makeup. 

Also, this is the time of the month when I gain about five to ten pounds and nothing seems to fit. I realized this a few months ago. I kept saying to myself that I had gained weight then all of a sudden after about a week my clothes fit again. This had gone on for a while before I realized that it had to do with my menstrual cycle. Duh! I also noticed that my cravings increase during this time. Anyone else experience these?

The only way I could wear this skirt was to wear a boxy top over it. I could have done better with the outfit but being comfortable and confident was key. The only thing wrong with the top is that is shows how heavy (heavier at this time of the month) I am on top. I wore it previously here and it looks a little better. Next time, I'm going to plan better and wear my tops that magically conceal my heavy top like this one. Printed tops also do the trick.

How to wear a ponte skirt, modest skirt for work
Blue Statement necklace, Tiny Dazzles Necklace
Striped skirt The Limited, Payless pumps, Brown wedge pumps for work
Lace Top - Target / Sleeveless Option for Layering 
Striped Skirt - The Limited / Similar / Black and White
Wedges - Payless / Similar
Necklace - Tiny Dazzles

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  1. Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean. It's so frustrating! But I still think you look great. The stripes and lace really work.

  2. Cute! I can't believe that's you without makeup, you look great!

  3. You look lovely Kemi, women, we can't stop beating ourselves over nothing. lol. Love the necklace!!!

  4. Love lace and knit pencil skirts :) with nude wedges to elongate those legs. LOVE.