A Taste of San Diego

I just returned from San Diego after enjoying a 5 day trip I earned from Avon. This will be the first of many free trips.  It's a nice city with a nice history and lots to see. Beautiful homes and nice construction all over. If you're thinking of vacationing out west it's a nice place for the entire family or for couples. The place has a nice romantic feel---wish I went with my husband.

Old Town San Diego

Coronado Bridge - High rate of suicides on this bridge

The electric fence separating San Diego and Tijuana Mexico

What I really found interesting was our visit to the town of Coronado. A town of 27,000 (population hasn't increased in years).This town has beautiful expensive little homes that cost millions of dollars. No two homes are the same here. They have a lawn police who ensures all lawns are perfect else they get fined according to the value of the home. There are no red lights and there's practically no crime and only one gas station. Wouldn't you love to live there.

The houses are made of Stucco. You will hardly find wooden structures

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  1. Kemi, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It was really cool to hear from you, and to hear about your faith and that you lead worship too! It looks like you hit up a lot of the good spots here in San Diego. I'm glad you had fun!

    Audrey @ Putting Me Together